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next steps for cooperation among the three parties should be explored to bring collaboration to

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a higher level and increase the momentum of trust and confid▓ence in the region.”91. Regrettably, due to the lack of willingness for co▓operation from the Philippine side, the China-Philippines Experts Group Meeting on Confidence-Buildi

ng Measures has stalled, and the China-Philippines-Vietnam tripartite marine seismic undertak▓ing has failed to move forward.IV. The Philippines Has▓ Repeatedly

Taken Moves that Complicatethe Relevant Disp▓utes92. Since the 1980s, the Philippines has repeated

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ly taken moves that complicate the relevant disputes.i. The Philippines attempts to entre▓nch its illegal occupation of some islands and reefs of China’s Nansha Qundao93. In C

  • overing about 143,000 square kilometers, re-process certain amount of exis
  • ting 2D seismic lines, an▓d study and assess the
  • oil resources in the area. The 2007 Joint Statement
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hina’s Nansha Qundao, the Philippines started in the 1980s to bu▓

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ild military facilities on some islands and reefs it has invaded and

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